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What is Majles Tech ?

Majles Tech platform is a platform and system capable of governing boards of directors to present ideal governance practices according to established governance systems, The benefits of Majles Tech are not limited to a specific type of operations, but rather include all needs, then processes, and moves them away from the traditional process of papers and files into the digital world.

What is the advantage of Majles Tech compared to traditional systems?

Majles Tech platform is easy to use with a high-security system in storing and retrieving information, in addition to many features that board members need to carry out the required governance work.
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Does Majles Tech ensure data security ?

1- The ITC hosted information center which hosts Majles Tech is ISO / IEC 27001 certified, and Tier IV classification from the Uptime Institute.
2- We encrypt all data and documents End-to-End Encryption.
3- The system provides two-factor authentication and login using the OTP.
4- The system provides a record for reviewing operations through the Audit log, in addition to controlling the users’ access.

On which devices does Majlis Tech work ?

Majlis Tech is supported for use on mobile, iPad, or laptop. You can get a complete experience and benefit from all the features of Majles Tech at any time and from anywhere.